Saturday 7 July 2012

Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

Yup, this is an OH. MI. GO. SH. Moment. It's out, yay! I already finished it, yay! There doesn't seem to be any sign of when the next one will be out, even though it ended on a GIANT cliffhanger, ya-wait a second.

 Yet again, Alex Craft's life is grand. No, really. Rianna's back in the real world (for most of the time), they've got an office for Tongues for the Dead, and Falin is back in her life. Unfortunately, Rianna is there only because Alex can't see, the office is a Hell-hole, and Falin is there simply as an FIB agent raiding her house. Again. Plus Death hasn't spoken to her for a month. I know, downer. Now all she needs is a ghost telling her that he didn't commit suicide, despite all of the witnesses that say he did.
 Oh, great.

 Unfortunately, this is another series (sheesh, author) that I simply can not review in an unbiased manner. But let me say, this is good. I was actually scared to go to bed last night, and not just in case I was attcked by spiders or became seriously ill overnight without anyone noticing (both long stories). I was scared that I'd wake up three days later, just as I was eating arsenic or something.

Another thing that adds to the goodness -- more Death. And by 'more Death' I mean A LOT more Death. Seriously, I'm going to... that'll ruin the surprise, if I say it. 'Spoilers, Sweetie' and all that.Anyway, Death fans will love this one. Unfortunately (I seem to be saying that a lot), I'd only just warmed up to Falin. Darn. I actually meandered away from Team Death, which is, like, blasphemy. Anyway, I didn't enjoy this book half as much as I should have, which is a shame -- it's not often you get a chance to look into the world of a hot soul collector, is it?... Now I think about it, crushing on fictional characters who COULD ACTUALLY KILL YOU is a little weird. Yes, I am hyper.

 Don't worry, Falin fans; I imagine you'll get A LOT more Falin than you bargained for in the next book (if there is one and it comes out before we die of old age/forget how awesome this damn series is).
 And yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say about this one. Even scarier than the last two, even more interesting than the last two, and even more lovey-dovey-angst-ness than the other two. It, of course, gets five stars.

Now-steady-and-true (hopefully) Death-and-hyphen-fan out!

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