Saturday 28 April 2012

Review: Destined by Aprilynne Pike

For those of you who haven't read this series yet, (a) you should have, (b) don't let the whole 11+ thing put you off, because simpler writing has its benefits, and (c) this is the last one in the series, so you might not wanna look at this review. Sorry.
 We all know what we're waiting for in this book: Laurel to make her choice between David and Tamani. But all sorts of other stuff is going on too -- they've finally determined Yuki's caste and gotten her caught, but Klea's still out there, and the both of them bode seriously ill for the whole of Avalon. Can Laurel, Chelsea, David and Tamani (with the help of Shar and Jamison) save the world from Klea's tyranny... and save themselves?

Review: Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

I know, I know, maybe I should stop reading all these Kalayna Price novels... no, that's not gonna happen.
 Kita found the rogue, and everything is dandy. Or it would be. She's still a vamp, she still can't touch her cat, and there might still be tagged humans out there. And don't forget that the judge is breathing down her neck.
Yup. Everything's dandy.

Monday 23 April 2012

Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

 Like I said before, this is all I seem to be reading, but what the hay.
 Kita Nekai has been in the human world for five years, and life hasn't been too bad. She's hidden from the hunters who want to take her home because she's the heir to a clan, and she's had to get by by turning into a little calico cat and living as a pet, but life has been great. Of course, in the world of books, that means that her life has to change dramatically. She gets turned into a vampire and told that she has to find the rogue shapeshifter that has been terrorising the city of Haven in the next forty-eight hours, or her life, her vampire master's life, and her childhood friend Bobby the bobcat's life will be forfeit.

Review: Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

 For those of you reading chronologically, yes, this does seem a bit like Kalayna day. Books by Kalayna Price seem to be pretty much all I'm reading right now. [Slight SPOILERS of Grave Witch inside btw]
 Alex Craft is not skint anymore (hurray), but right now that would be the least of her worries anyway -- Death shocked her with a confession of love, and yet won't talk to her, her sort-of boyfriend Falin Andrews has gone AWOL, she's not completely human, and, what's more, left feet are beginning to turn up in her home city of Nekros, and her grave sight is malfunctioning enough to cause tears in reality. Yippee!

Review: Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

 This is a book that I completely forgot to review... but that doesn't mean its not awesome. In fact, this series is one of my current favourites.
 Alex Craft is a Grave Witch -- she can straddle the void between life and death and give shades (the memories of dead people) life. Other than being totally skint, Alex's life has been great... but now she's being paid to investigate the death of a prominent senator for a no-magic-or-fairies group, and all hell is close to breaking loose. Even Death can't save her now.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

'Extended Reading?'

 This is my mum's new favourite thing, since my twin brother's English teacher sent home a list. Unfortunately, it's not so much mine.
 Apparently, reading widely all the time widens your vocabulary, helps you notice language patterns, yadda yadda yadda. Extended reading is about reading things you can understand, and is fun and enjoyable.
 To me, extended reading books are what I call 'old people books'. They were written a hundred or so years ago, and the people who read them are usually adults who read them for enjoyment or were forced to read them at school.