Friday 24 August 2012

Guess What Yesterday Was...

...GCSE results day, of course. Duh.
 For the un-British audience (other than derision, scorn, and pity) an explanation of the joys of the education system here:

Monday 13 August 2012

What the Greeks Did For Us -- My View On The Olympics

Yep, they're over. So, as the BBC have already shown us with their wonderful little Olympic montage, it is time to look back and reflect... and wonder what happens next (other than the Paralympics, which, as it is on C4, won't be half as good, regardless of all that 'Thanks For The Warm Up' rubbish).
...Just to clarify, the montage was only wonderful thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch's lovely voice. In case you thought I was really that sad.
Anyway, if you live in 'GB' like I do, you're probably already sick of the whole Olympic review thing, but tough. This is what I thought. NB: it's not all negative, don't worry. Keep reading, and you'll get there.