Friday 30 March 2012

Review: The Radleys by Matt Haig

 It doesn't seem like the normal vamp-romance book, right? Weird, you people haven't even read it (probably) and you're already spot-on. Freaks.
 My mum picked this up from somewhere in the kids section of my local WHSmiths, so Lord knows what it was under/what it was supposed to be under (a book called Single White Vampire was, like, right next to Twilight -- you don't wanna know how totally wrong that was), but it was pretty grown-up for a kids book. Basically, The Radleys was one of those clever literature-y things about the psychology of modern man or whatever... but with vampires. Yeah, I know.
 It was great. I totally loved it, though it isn't my type of book. Which is why I feel bad reviewing it. I mean, I'm not even sure what kind of genre it is, and Hell if I can explain what it actually is. Besides that, I was expecting something a little more like, for example, Morganville -- it was, according to the reviews plastered all over the cover and front page, shockingly witty/funny/amusing. Someone wrote that it was Twilight, but funny.
 I didn't laugh once, and there were only a few times when I could even recognise that it might be funny to other people. Now maybe I'm thick, but I usually at least get jokes, even if I don't find them funny. Also, I am utterly ignoring the comment that it was like Twilight, as it was like Twilight in the way that both contain vampires, humans, and a relationship between the two. Hmm.
 Ignoring my idiocy/bad PR, it was amazing. Totally cool, intriguing, and long enough to keep me occupied for a while. Awesome.
 So, despite the weird reviews, it gets five stars. Hurray.
 Vampy fan out!

Friday 16 March 2012

Look at the pretty drawings I drewed!

I realised that, in terms of the self-published, terribly grammarified books, I was kinda harsh to the Hunger Games. So I've devised a way of reviewing. If the stars look like this: means that the book was like the properly-published books you get nowadays, without terrible grammar and weird narrating voices or whatever.
If the stars look like this: means that the book is marked by self-published-e-book-not-proof-read-standards. These types can only get four stars, but not all self-published books neccesarily have to have these stars.
Got that? No, I don't think I've got it, either. But that's the new system. Hurray!
Graphic designer out!

Series Review: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I have a secret to tell you: the first time I read the Hunger Games trilogy was just a week or two ago. I know. Shock, disgust, horror. I may just be a YA barerian. I bet that's not even the way you spell 'barbarian', is it?
Mind games.
 Okay, so, refocus. Maybe there's some people out there who, like me, have never been that fussed by reading the Hunger Games, but have decided to since the film is coming out. So I decided to write a review for those awesome people.

Friday 9 March 2012

I've got more techy

I can see what you're thinking -- is that possible?! Well, yes. Yes it is. I know have a Youtube channel called charlieeatsbooks. Yup. This is what I'm doing instead of getting around to writing.
 I don't imagine I'll upload anything, but it's there. Never know, you might find something good on there.

Channel-plugger out!