Wednesday 30 January 2013

New Year's Resolution? What New Year's Resolution?

 I may have broken it already, but I have had NO time lately. My school obviously realised I hadn't been given enough homework in the past four years, and decided to throw all the undone stuff into this last year.
 That's a lot of homework. I used to go weeks without any, when I was supposed to be getting one hour a week from each and every subject.
 But anyway, I was feeling bad for not really having written too much, so I thought I'd be cool and add a poem or two that I wrote at Young Writers' to the 'My Writing' page.
You're welcome, bloggerinos.

Lapsed writer out!

Friday 25 January 2013

Just A Quick Note...

... Angelfire (#3 in the series) by LA Weatherly (no, not the other Angelfire by some other author that keeps coming up on Google searches) will be out in November, according to Goodreads. Read the blurb my friends. Excitingy-witingy.

That's all, I'm out!

Monday 21 January 2013


So, I sat down to write the next part of a part of a short story at the weekend. And then I went, wait a second.

Digression: it is snowing right now and I'm off school! Happy Face! :) (in case you didn't know what one was)

I digress. Anyway, I thought: wait a blimming flip of a second [I may be embellishing a little]! I don't know anything about lawyers [the next bit involves lawyers -- spoilers, sweeties], apart from what I've seen on Drop Dead Diva and Ally McBeal [I got series one for Christmas from my mum, who thinks it fits my weirdness level]. How can I write about them talking to my main character when I don't know if they'd even be allowed to talk to my main character, or if they'd want to, or how long the process would take, or ANYTHING?

SO my question to you, lovely people of the world, is how far can you or do you go with 'creative license'?
 Do I just go with what I was going to write, whether that's how the legal system works? Or do I spend hours combing the internet for knowledge when I don't even know what to ask it?

My other question -- request, rather -- is that, if you happen to be an expert in the field, or if you know whether lawyers are allowed to talk to witnesses of car accidents, and when they can talk to them, and what they can talk to them about, and which side of the court hearing or whatever the ones who'd want to talk would be on, then please comment! Please!

Writer out!

Saturday 5 January 2013

Happy New Year!

It's 2013, and we were all wrong about dying horribly and terribly. Well, most of us. I'm sure a few people experienced their own, personal, end-of-the-world scenario.
And now I've cheered you up, it's time to get down to my New Year's Resolution: Write more, and write it diversely. Oh, and share it, too.
I only made this up about two minutes ago, so I might be cheating, starting a resolution days after the year started, but there you go.
The more unobservant of you, who are staring into space instead of reading this post, might have noticed the shiny new page on the nav bar. Or you might not, since I'm making it after I post this. What is it? I hear the more observant of you, who are still glued to this post, ask. Well, it's only a cute little page which will have a cute little collection of smaller pieces of writing DONE BY ME! I know, you're excited. I'm going to try and keep up with writing the Holistic Collection, which I love, but also broaden my style of writing when I'm at home (because I've done all sorts at IYW, but hardly ever done similar stuff at home) -- a bit of poetry, prose, flash fiction, a short story or two, etc -- and also, hopefully coming along easily with that, the kind of topic -- eg, not all fantasyish stuff -- and putting it all up on this blog might just be a bit of a push to do stuff. Hurrah!

So, if you've got any style or topic suggestions, please put them in the comments! They'd be much appreciated!

Writer out!