This is the 'Works in Progress' page! Hurrah! You may notice the plural. This is because I have an attention deficit when it comes to writing (squirrel!), and also because this page will include posts that will hopefully be coming up on this blog in the near future! Huzzah!

Blog Posts:
  • Writing post about reinventing others' ideas and your own
  • Lantern's Fall --  Lantern is, perhaps, one of the best characters in the Holistic Collection (soon to be possibly renamed 'Perspectives'), and she knows it. She is adored and just a little bit amoral, not to mention her kick-ass-ness. Now if only she could get rid of that ridiculous, needless attraction to a sop of a werewolf -- oh, wait... This is part way through its biggest edit and, probably, rewrite (which I'll have to get round to first), partially because 25k of it was written as a novel for NaNo '11 and the rest of it (45k) was written as the sequel in NaNo '12 and I realised that those parts needed to be together, and partly because I have been doing too much shipping and character arcing and too little plotting.
  • Wrong Side of the Mind (Saving Grace Book Four) -- Masumi is still reeling from his loss, and now he has to go hunt down some crazy, superficial English girl? His life couldn't get better, especially as she has the terrible habit of getting to the bottom of his and his brother's dark past. This hit a rut, so I tried re-writing it on the computer. Somehow, it hit a rut about three pages in where I just lost the will to care anymore. But it will happen, especially as I've started Book Five (but not Two And Three, in case you were wondering, though they do both have a basic plotline and the first five to twenty pages written).
  • Black and Green (Saving Grace Book Five) -- Tom saved Aleks from himself. For now. But as his sister's web of deception and rebellion grows, Tom finds it hard to keep up his own deception. If Tam finds out that Aleks isn't dead, her rebellion will fall apart. But the lie is breaking everyone. Will Tom find a balance before everyone shatters? This is my guilty pleasure of feels, although it's died off a bit now, as I realised that I would need to put a plot in place to fully enjoy the feels without getting stuck in the same rut as with Book Four.
  • Nemophilia -- Marki only feels alive, safe, known when she's in the Forest. But now she has no reprieve -- the Forest has been blocked off due to the discovery of a mysterious Creature. To run away from her past, Marki escapes to the forbidden place anyway. But will running away from her past obscure her future? And can she really run from the inevitable? I began writing this after seeing a lovely post on Tumblr, which I have finally linked to. It is all planned out, so now I just have to persevere through the difficult 'school' scenes, and enjoy writing the first thing I've written since the age of ten that I could happily tell you the genre of without adding a 'but' (YA Paranormal Romance), and it's nice to have a break from Saving Grace and the rest of the Holistic Collection.
  • This one has no title yet -- Harry's mother has just married his father's brother, only two months after his father's death. But that's the least of Harry's worries. This is a retelling of Hamlet from a modern perspective based on the theory that Hamlet Snr's ghost was just in Hamlet Jnr's head (which I always thought was a load of rubbish, but thought I'd think about through the medium of writing). It was a short story, until I realised: that it was too long to be a short story; that even as I was going along I was realising plot holes and prose problems (which I never do); and that I'd need to put a fair share of foreshadowing into it for the next bit to be any good or make any sense. I have just been writing its first proper draft for CampNaNoWriMo. It's not yet finished (hence 'WiP', duh).

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