Monday 10 September 2012

I have to stop going on all these random hiatus whatsits

...because then I have to say hello again, which is awkward. I mean, 'oh, I might not post for a while' is great, informative, et cetera, but then I don't post for a week. The times that I just forget or put off blogging last for like a month or something ridiculous, and then I find myself obligated to do the whole 'hello' thing I usually do after I've said I'd be away, which just feels weird.
 I know. This isn't hat you signed up for when you clicked onto this blog, was it?
 Anyways, I'm back (again), and this is a quick recap of my life since exam results day: went to Gt. Yarmouth (and how the hell Gt. is the abbreviation for Great, I don't know). It made my home town, Keighley, look like a quaint little village in the country. Which it isn't. There were a lot of flies on the beach, there was a radar museum in the same-ish area (I don't like the military) and there was a castle in Norfolk that was rubbish but thankfully had a shopping centre. Then I was straight off to a farm in Leeds with the Ilkley Lit Festival, which was very awesome and fun and stuff like that (not very literary, I know). And then it was my sixteenth birthday. Oh yeah, it was also the start of the new school year. Grr. GRR, I tell you, GRR. My life is ruined.
 SO, I read a lotta books throughout all that, so hopefully I'll be throwing a nice amount of reviews up here in between all the homework I have.
 (Broken promise no. 1 of the school year: reviewing...)

 Yeah. Anyway. When did this stop being a book blog?????unhappyface??????lossofallcoolpoints?????

Blogger out

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