Saturday 23 March 2013

I have several things to say before normal viewing resumes...

Okay, number one: I have a lot of ideas (more on why in a later post) so you are going to get a lot more posts from me than usual in the next few days/weeks, depending on when I want to share them, since I'm gonna draft them now, mwahahaha... they'll be (hopefully) exciting!

 Number two: yes, for those of you who noticed that I did a book review yesterday, I have stopped reading Les Miserables. There'll be more on that later too.

Number three: I am attempting to write my first ever script (it's for a drama thing at school) so if anyone has any general tips, comment away!

Number four: I am also (yes I always put a lot on my own plate, I'm greedy and have an attention defecit) writing a modern-times-set short story retelling of Hamlet. Exciting!

Number five: It is snowing buckets here. Yay! Apocalypse time!

Number six: I'll leave you with this... FIERY HEART EXERPTS! THANK YOU RICHELLE MEAD AND PENGUIN! They are here and here. Exciting!

Bloodlines fan out!

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