Wednesday 27 March 2013

Sort-of Book Review: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

It's a sort of review because, people, I only got a quarter of the way through before 'taking a break'. This 'break' was going to be one book that I was reading. It became about five books. I will get around to reading it, I'm sure, but if I try to read it exclusively, this blog will slowly die from maltreatment and lack of posts.
 Why is it taking me so long? Well, apart from the fact that it's about 960 pages long, I blame the film.
Wait a second, I hear you say, the last time you posted about Les Mis you said that you could only read it because of the film.
 You're right, I think. Otherwise, I just said that in my head, and you've somehow been looking into my thoughts.
 I wouldn't have started to read it without the film, and I wouldn't have stuck with it after the first ten pages if I didn't know the film was amazeballs. But... I want the pacing of the film. I don't care about the ruddy Battle of Waterloo, Mr Hugo, I want to see Valjean go pick up Cosette, dammit!
 As I've said before, I don't have a very long attention span. And this doesn't grab at it. I think I spent an hour or two waiting for Valjean to storm into the courtroom.
Yeah. It was maybe a five-second thing in the film.

So. I'd still say that Les Mis is worth a read, and I'm definitely going to keep persevering. But don't try to stick to it like exclusive glue. It will do you no good, I can tell you.

Tired reader out!

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