Monday 25 March 2013

Music is Fun.!

It's been a while since I've posted about music, maybe a year or longer (I've been blogging for a year or longer?!) but lately, I've been listening to some stuff that's slightly different to my usual stuff, so I thought I would post about why it is all awesome enough to get through my rock-only barrier of prejudice.

But before we go all crazy: Funeral For A Friend's album Conduit is very nice. I don't tend to like screamy types, but it kind of works as soothing white noise when I'm writing, and you can also actually listen to it and get a bit of an emotional-mood-set-up thing. No, I don't know what I mean, either.

I am now going what might be called 'old skool' in the popish world: Marina and the Diamonds' album, The Family Jewels. If, like me, you heart your sarky, kicky girl characters, then you'll love this. It's just filled with sass... and just a tiny bit of the always-needed angst. Lovely. I feel like dancing to it.

Next? More stuff I want to dance to, and this one comes with a story. I went to see Paramore a while back (they have a new album coming out, BTW), when their third album, Brand New Eyes, came out. They had B.o.B supporting them. I didn't like B.o.B. They also had another band supporting them, too. They were on first, and I was too busy getting into the arena and then buying a tshirt to listen to them. I only caught their last song, a cover of Queen's Radio Gaga, as I wandered over to my seat. I didn't think that much of it.
Worst thing I ever did in my music-related life. Why? Because, as the title of this post suggests, that band was Fun.
I know. Now, I'm listening to their album, Some Nights, and hating myself. Because, dude, this band is brilliant to a scale factor of a million! It's dance-worthy, it's sit-and-cry-worthy, and it's different, and I love it. Missing them live might have been the worst thing I've done, but listening to their album (my mum bought it, I'm not a pirate-type)? One of the best things.

So that's all the awesome music I am currently listening to. Oh, and MCR's Conventional Weapons. The fact that I forgot about MCR (who split up on Saturday, BTW) has got to show you how awesome all these people are. Listen, buy, and support the artists, damn you!

Music-lover out!

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