Friday 30 March 2012

Review: The Radleys by Matt Haig

 It doesn't seem like the normal vamp-romance book, right? Weird, you people haven't even read it (probably) and you're already spot-on. Freaks.
 My mum picked this up from somewhere in the kids section of my local WHSmiths, so Lord knows what it was under/what it was supposed to be under (a book called Single White Vampire was, like, right next to Twilight -- you don't wanna know how totally wrong that was), but it was pretty grown-up for a kids book. Basically, The Radleys was one of those clever literature-y things about the psychology of modern man or whatever... but with vampires. Yeah, I know.
 It was great. I totally loved it, though it isn't my type of book. Which is why I feel bad reviewing it. I mean, I'm not even sure what kind of genre it is, and Hell if I can explain what it actually is. Besides that, I was expecting something a little more like, for example, Morganville -- it was, according to the reviews plastered all over the cover and front page, shockingly witty/funny/amusing. Someone wrote that it was Twilight, but funny.
 I didn't laugh once, and there were only a few times when I could even recognise that it might be funny to other people. Now maybe I'm thick, but I usually at least get jokes, even if I don't find them funny. Also, I am utterly ignoring the comment that it was like Twilight, as it was like Twilight in the way that both contain vampires, humans, and a relationship between the two. Hmm.
 Ignoring my idiocy/bad PR, it was amazing. Totally cool, intriguing, and long enough to keep me occupied for a while. Awesome.
 So, despite the weird reviews, it gets five stars. Hurray.
 Vampy fan out!

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