Sunday 29 July 2012

Review: Revived by Cat Patrick

Yay! A book by one of my new favourite authors! Yay!
 Daisy has died five times; she has been Revived five times; she has changed her name and relocated to a new state five times. But this time, she doesn't want any of that: she wants life.
I was really excited to be reading this. I loved Forgotten and, even though this novel isn't about the same characters (which is what usually stops me from reading more by the same author), I couldn't wait to read it.
 This book -- Cat Patrick -- is brilliant. It takes the boring old genre of girl's YA where the girl goes through something traumatic but her boyfriend helps her through it and turns it on its head with simply one new idea: a government bringing people back to life. Suddenly, this book is accessible to us paranormal-loving types who turn our noses up at the cliche 'find yourself' novels, even though neither this, nor Forgotten, are actually paranormal YA. And it's a rare treat. This novel will make you smile and cry; it will intrigue you. It's not just about feelings and that rubbish (saying that, I loved that bit), it's also, later on, a bit of a mole-in-the-government sort of thing, which everyone, of course, loves.
 So basically, yeah, it's got everything. Unfortunately, as much as I loved it, this book didn't quite blow me away as much as Forgotten. I don't know if that's to do with the story, my raised expectations, or what, but that's how I felt. Still, Cat Patrick's books now have a place in my heart, and are a great change of pace from all these becoming-similar-enough-to-blur-into-one paranormal YAs. So, of course, I'm giving it five stars and recommending it to absolutely anyone, no matter what you usually read.
Book-lover out!

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