Saturday 7 July 2012

The reason why someone (me) isn't posting... this website here. I'm afraid I was going through a few of the comics randomly, found one that caught my eye, and followed the story on from there instead of doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ELSE. Grrr. I've gone through approximately 150 pages of it, and, unfortunately, I picked a place to start that was LESS THAN HALF WAY THROUGH (there are a couple of thousand of those damn things). I'm afraid you may never see me again -- apart from, of course, in the next few moments, maybe hours, maybe days, maybe weeks when I will (hopefully) be posting a review of OHMIGOSH THE NEW ALEX CRAFT NOVEL BY KALAYNA PRICE!!!!!!

So, point being, that's one good comic. Read it, fools!

Love the girl who's sorry about the capitalism.


And the jokes. I am SO sorry.



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