Monday 23 April 2012

Review: Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

 Like I said before, this is all I seem to be reading, but what the hay.
 Kita Nekai has been in the human world for five years, and life hasn't been too bad. She's hidden from the hunters who want to take her home because she's the heir to a clan, and she's had to get by by turning into a little calico cat and living as a pet, but life has been great. Of course, in the world of books, that means that her life has to change dramatically. She gets turned into a vampire and told that she has to find the rogue shapeshifter that has been terrorising the city of Haven in the next forty-eight hours, or her life, her vampire master's life, and her childhood friend Bobby the bobcat's life will be forfeit.

 I can see what you're thinking -- this is kinda stretching the boundaries of book plausability, right? Well yeah, it does, but we love it anyway. I mean, it isn't like the characters are any less confused than the readers -- it seems as if only the mages know that there are more supernaturals than just them, and three out of four of the main characters aren't mages.
 Yet again, I didn't completely see the end coming, which is cool, although I don't think that Kita's story is quite as good (by tiny increments) as Alex's (Grave Witch). Of course, that could be the bias towards Death talking, though Nathanial is pretty awesome himself.
 So, when you can get past the whole turning-a-shapeshifter-into-a-vampire thing (which takes a large proportion of the novel), this is actually really good -- it even has some deep, introverted bits about how Kita is just scared of love and always runs away -- so I've given this book a low-level five.

Judge with bad karma out (you'll get it if you read it)!

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