Monday 23 April 2012

Review: Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

 For those of you reading chronologically, yes, this does seem a bit like Kalayna day. Books by Kalayna Price seem to be pretty much all I'm reading right now. [Slight SPOILERS of Grave Witch inside btw]
 Alex Craft is not skint anymore (hurray), but right now that would be the least of her worries anyway -- Death shocked her with a confession of love, and yet won't talk to her, her sort-of boyfriend Falin Andrews has gone AWOL, she's not completely human, and, what's more, left feet are beginning to turn up in her home city of Nekros, and her grave sight is malfunctioning enough to cause tears in reality. Yippee!

Yet again, I loved this. There were loads of twists and turns (and I'm not just describing Faerie). Just like with the last book, I was (almost) completely puzzled right to the end -- who doesn't want to be screaming at their heroine simply because she doesn't know that everything in her story is there for a reason? But, like I was saying, I didn't know how it would end until it ended. By this, I mean I wasn't sure if she would finally notice the awesomeness of Death, and I won't ruin it by telling you. Let's just say that the next book, which (dammit) won't be out until July, is gonna be pretty interesting.
 Okay, I'll level with ya -- some of the story was kinda freakily similar to the last one. Yeah, boo. But I have a feeling that it might have been slightly on purpose, so I'm gonna ignore it and wait to see if the next book follows the same sorta pattern.
 Anyway, it was really good, and I gave it five stars.
Death fanatic out!

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