Sunday 14 October 2012

Review: Fracture by Megan Miranda

Okay, I now have a thing for psychological-paranormal-YA-stuff. Look:
 Delaney died. For 11 mins, she was under freezing cold water. Then her best friend and neighbour, Decker, pulls her out. But instead of being grateful to him and to the Universe that she's miraculously alive, she's too busy being drawn to the dying and trying to figure out the mysterious Troy. Her world is falling apart, and Troy seems to be the only one who understands... but is he?
So, yeah, it's kinda Mara Dyer ish. Poor Delaney's feeling a little bit crazy, what with the whole drawn-to-the-dead thing, and her mum is force-feeding her antidepressants. But its different.
 For one thing, Delaney is a pretty weird name. As are Decker, Carson and Janna. Maybe it's an American thing, or maybe Megan Miranda just enjoys making names up, I don't know, but the names make the whole thing feel a bit stretchy, as if you're thinking, 'okay, I'll believe all the stuff about living when it's way against the odds, and the weird bipolar-ness of the mother, and the fact that her dad is only mentioned when he's expedient to the story, but really, would they all have such ridiculous names?'
 For another, it's a stand alone. This makes me sad. Do you know how much excitement I've gotten from reading all the excerpts and waiting (9 days to go!) for the next Mara Dyer? It has literally been the only thing I have spent my time on. Well, not literally, I do have exms to learn for, but still. If Fracture had ended on a cliff hanger, I would be totally waiting for the next one. Maybe with a little less excitement than I'm waiting for The Evolution of Mara Dyer, for reasons put in thoughts above, but I would definitely be a happy bunny.
 I think I might be digressing.
 Somehow, the ending didn't feel earth shattering, like you'd hope after all the stuff that happened. I'm not sure if it's because there just wasn't any kind of emotional connection with Troy, or if it just seemed like a slightly rushed, it-doesn't-seem-like-it's-ever-going-to-end-ahh-make-something-up-quickly ending (like I tend to write), but it felt a bit 'oh, okay, I'll just go do my maths homework now, woo'.
 But other than all that, it was real good, I promise.
 So overall, a little underwhelming, but that didn't stop it being good. I give it four stars.
Charlie out (NINE DAYS, PEOPLE)

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