Saturday 29 September 2012

I hope you haven't missed me...

...because I've been gone for YONKS. I'm afraid, bloggerinos, that I have been in a re-read mood for a good while now (aka I just don't have any good books screaming to be read on my Kindle). So I haven't been posting. Darn. But a few cool things have been a-happening, if you wanted to know:
 Firstly, I've been back to school. This is not a good thing, but is something that has happened. FACT.
 Secondly, I finished my second draft of Wings and a Prayer over the hols! Hurray! As much as it had become my baby, the poor thing had to end at some point, even if it meant not hitting the big 50K words I was aiming for. Poor sweetheart was dragging a little.
 In addition, I am now EDITING afore said thingymawhatsit (don't worry, I did give myself a bit of a break before diving into the whole business). If anyone has any super-epic editing tips, I'm all ears, because I'm a slight amount of useless at the whole thing.
 Also... umm... yeah, that's it. My life is now on emotional hold as I wait for the epicness that will be The Evolution of Mara Dyer on 23rd Oct. I am EXTREMELY excited. I'm also majorly psyched for the new MCR singles coming out, which my last post will attest too. And, as ridiculous as it seems, I am also on the edge of my seat waiting for The Indigo Spell. Yes, VA/Bloodlines fans, we DO have to wait 'til February.
 Other than that (and various GCSE CAs), nowt is going on. How depressing.

 Charlie out!

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