Thursday 25 October 2012


Yup, there's not long to go now! It's nearly November (it's also nearly my maths exam, but, you know, never mind), and this year, I am writing about a crazy vampire multi-dimensional space-changer. That's a time traveller to everyone apart from her boyfriend. It's part of the Holistic Collection, and it's part 2 of my last NaNoWriMo, so you might recognise the characters. NaNoWriMo YWP's word count calculator thinks I can do  about 60000 words, which is mucho scary, so I've put my goal at 45000 words. That's something crazy like 1333 words a day. Eek. Scared. Very scared.
Just thought I'd let you into my terrified little word of petrifiedness.

Scaredy-cat out!

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