Friday 29 June 2012

Review: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

 Yep, I'm back again. And I've read some books. Hurray!

Mara's lost her memory. She's lost her best friend. But has she lost her mind?
 When she begs her parents for a move to Florida instead of a move to a psychiatric hospital, she thinks that maybe everything will be alright. Instead, she continues to see her dead friends in the mirror, and now she's seeing the deaths of others -- before they've died. If her sanity wasn't enough to worry about, her new school's player-and-proud, Noah, has started sniffing around her. Can she keep her sanity and her heart together?
 So, I'd lost my interest in the whole YA scene. I thought, meh, something to spend the time, right?
 It was so exciting!!!!!!!!!!(insert even more exclamation marks)!!!!!!!!! This book is totally original, despite the close-to-being-cliche theme. Not only that, but Mara totally tugs on the heart strings (in a not-lesbian way). She's a bundle of angst and not-knowing and desperation and all sorts, and she makes you want to cry.
 Noah however... mm. He tugs on the heart strings in a not-lesbian way too. Mmmm. Have I said 'mmm' yet? 'Cause he's definitely pretty fit. As we hear at the beginning, he's a total arse... but yeah, he's definitely a sexy one. Plus he's nice to Mara, and that's pretty important.
 Anyway (stop crushing, Charlie), this book was NOT what I expected when I recognised it from a glance at the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney (and we all know who I'm voting for). I expected a bit of a soppy thing, where the guy pretends to be a player but really is simply hurting inside and the girl with the super powers (with the help of her boy) finds a way to control it so she can help people and save lives and all that kind of rubbish -- not that those kind of books can't be good. But honestly, if you're looking for an easy, pretty read that will leave you feeling happy at the end, this isn't it. Speaking of the end, oh my bloody freaking gosh, and I thought the revelations about the special powers (saying more than that might give it away) were shocking.
I cannot wait for The Evolution of Mara Dyer coming out in October -- in fact, I'm so desperate, I just read an extract. And a bit of Noah's POV (the joys of Goodreads). And I only finished the thing a couple of hours before that.
 So, yeah, overall, hurray! Very, very, very good... but why do British boys in American books always have to be from London? Yorkshire boys are -- actually, yeah I see the point.
 Anyway, this is another book with fve stars (I have to stop giving that fifth star out, even if this one really deserves it).

Girl with way too many book-crushes out!

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