Friday 15 June 2012

Review: The Golden Lily

So, the review bit is a lie. By now, I am so shockingly biased towards anything in the land of Vampire Academy that it really isn't worth anyome asking for my honest opinion, but hey! Any chance to convert vampire fans to the cause of good vampire books, right?
 The Golden Lily is the second book in the Bloodlines series (a spin-off from the Vampire Academy series). It's all based around Sydney, an Alchemist -- a human tasked with hiding vampires from the rest of her species -- and her issues with her new mission to keep Jill Mastrano Dragomir, sister of the Moroi queen, from all the scary rebel people. Unfortunately, Jill has had to bring a bit of an entourage. There's Eddie, the guardian who's in love with her; Angeline, a Keeper and dhampir who's been kept away from the real world all her life; and her big-brother figure, Adrian. In this book of the series, not only is Adrian a total (hot) pain in the arse, but Sydney also has to fight vampire hunters... and her very own Alchemist demons.
 It was awesome. Absolutley totally awesome, although I'm still making 'grr' noises at the ending -- I'm sure I'm not giving owt away when I say I read a sentence along the lines of 'I walked away without looking back', clicked the page forward button on my Kindle, then was shocked to see all the copyright stuff (eg, that sentence was the last) -- and can't wait for the next book. Unfortunately, that'll probably be in about a year or so. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
 So, overall, read it, damn you. It's got five stars, for goodness' sake.
Team Adrian chick out!

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