Friday 9 November 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 9

So, we're officially into the second week, and this post is my first full-week one. Hurrah!
 In case you were wondering, the troubles I spoke about on day 2 went away almost as soon as I'd finished writing the blog post, and I got all inspired, which was good. So were the next couple of days. They were cool.
 And then, unfortunately, school started back up, and it was all rainy and miserable outside, and I got all uninspired for Monday's words. Then on Tuesday, I just didn't have the time to meet my word count, since I went to the Ilkley Grammar 6th Form open evening.
 Wednesday was the day before my firt maths exam, yay, so I was trying to ignore NaNo so I could revise. Obviously, that didn't happen, since I hate maths revision, but I was also all PMT'd (sorry for those of you will delicate sensibilities) so I didn't feel very much like writing. I think I hit my word count, though. Maybe.
 Thursday was bad. Not only were Ofsted in, not only did I have a (not too bad) Maths exam, but, unfortunately, we all found out about something terrible, which I must warn you is actually a bit off topic: a boy in our year, in our classes, at school, had been jumped by some Greenheaders, not far away from school. I don't think anybody felt very good or safe on the way home. It's cast a pall over all of us, but, thankfully, the guy (whose name I won't disclose for privacy from the big wide world) is out of hospital (yes, hospital) and feeling better.
 As is becoming a habit, I don't imagine I quite hit my word count yesterday.
 Today I'm not feeling the vibes either, but hopefully, having a bit of a break and a think through the medium of this post will have helped. Hopefully. Anyway, see you next week; let's hope things are looking up!

WriMo out!

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