Thursday 26 January 2012

Choosing Series Names and Getting High...

Can all happen at the same time! My friends, you should've seen me last night.
 'What can I call Book 4 of the Wings and a Prayer books?' I thought to myself, quickly pausing YM@6 for a proper brainstorming session.
 I got zilch. Nowt. Nothing. Nada.
 So then I thought, 'didn't I give it a name in my planning notebook?' Turns out I didn't.
 Thankfully, I got distracted by my Series Name Brainstorm on the next page over. It was all a load of rubbish, but it got me thinking.
 And suddenly, I found the name for my series in a shocking flash of inspiration similar to the flash that came with thinking of the name for the first book.
 So, that first book is now called
Wings and a Prayer, Book 1 of the Finding Grace series (Small World Collection)
Yay! Bit of a mouthful, but yay! (Not like you have to say absolutely all of that anyway) Yay!
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