Saturday 13 April 2013

Music Review: Paramore by Paramore

I love music, and while it doesn't really fit under the 'Eat My Book' remit other than as that thing what you do while writing and reading what also has words in it, it's music. It's another art form, and one most readers and writers love, and it can be inspirational. What you're listening to can determine what you write, from the themes of its lyrics to the mood of its sound. So I've decided that every now and then I will sort of review an album.

 Today, that album is Paramore's self-titled new release. I'm going to go through every single song for this one. This might not happen in future reviews, but is today. You might see why in a minute. I will analyse each track by its sound and by its lyrics (which I will not print here but will be the versions found here), and give an overall view at the end. All of the things I say are my own views, and I apologise if they're wrong, badly researched, offensive, etc.

Enough of the rules and regulations! Without further ado (if you're reading this -- personally I'm saving this and getting something to eat and doing some revision before finishing it), let's get on with the reviewing!

1. Fast in My Car

Sound: it's Paramore, most definitely. I don't know if it's my laptop's speakers, but it seems very heavy on the drums and voice, not guitar, giving a 'let's MOSH!', dance-y kinda feel.
Lyrics: well, they're very cynical. Everyone sins and is a hollowed out shell, apparently. And yet they want to drive really fast. Not sure what the two subjects/ideas have to do with each other, especially since 'we're not looking for violence', but there you go.

2. Now

Sound: it's like a slightly metal-y-er version of what you'd expect from Paramore (by which I mean the first two albums). Distortion on the guitar(s?) sounds very angry, as do the drums, like on most -- perhaps all --  of the tracks. The drums sound more like concrete being hit than skins.
Lyrics: it's like a call to arms, but not in an actual war way -- the hugging at the end of the music video proves it's not pro-war -- but in a don't let it get you down kind of way. Fight the crappiness, as it were.

3. Grow Up 

Sound funky, with a gorgeous melody that is just pure Paramore.
Lyrics: I've grown up. I don't activism cool anymore, and I'm happy with my life. You're obviously not at the same stage, so, you know, bye. That's what I get, anyway, which is a shame, since I think growing up is overrated.

4. Daydreaming

Sound: bit of a slower, sadder kind of deal now, but it still has the angry drumming and is still definitely Paramore. Maybe that's why  the album's called Paramore. Huh.
Lyrics: it's about dreaming about getting out of your average, one-stop, cliche of an American small town. It's a cliche. --shrugs--

5. Interlude: Moving On

Sound: is that a ukelele? Is that the correct spelling of ukelele? I don't know, but it's cute.
Lyrics: let people be awful, it'll be their downfall at some point. I'm already getting over it. It's a bit bitchy o say it is in ukelele form, dontcha think?

6. Ain't It Fun

Sound: again, it's pretty funky, and -- is that a glockenspiel? Nice. It's a kind of 'yeah, I'm awesome' kind of feel. Good melody, as always.
Lyrics: ha! The downfall of a dick! In your face! Fits the sound, which is always good.

7. Part II

Sound: back to sad and dark and contemplative -- wait, wait! Bad-ass metal-style chorus! Nice!
Lyrics: I think I've heard some of these lines before in other Paramore songs. What the actual meaning is? I don't know. In a good way. I'm not sure, but that's a good thing.

8. Last Hope

Sound: another slightly sad kind of feel, less drums, thank goodness. Takes a long time to get to a chorus that's not noticeably noticeable.
Lyrics: just keep going, at least you're alive. What a happy message, right?

9. Still Into You

Sound: another funky-feeling one. I like funky ones. My head is bobbing right now.
Lyrics: the title is kinda self-explanatory.

10. Anklebiters

Sound: rocking and shouty. Paramore in an angry, holier-than-thou mood, a bit like some of their last album but rockier.
Lyrics: well, that's what I get for looking at the lyrics while I'm writing 'sound'. All preachy about hating yourself and letting other people boss you around.

11. Interlude: Holiday

Sound: acoustic guitar and a drunk girl.
Lyrics: it's about getting out of school and having a nice time and being free. To be drunk, it seems from the sound. --sigh-- if only.

12. Proof

Sound: oh joy, the drums are back, as are the angry guitar distortions. Nice melody in the chorus, though.
Lyrics: relationship problems, a person who is both a man and a woman, and getting away just to realise that you were stressing over nothing.

13. Hate to See Your Heart Break

Sound: all sad and depressing again. Slightly annoying.
Lyrics: it isn't your fault you hurt me, and I don't like you hurting. People in love make mistakes. It really isn't bad enough for such a depressing sound. It makes me want to cry. Dude, you've had an argument. Live. Deal. Stop singing.

14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls

Sound: slow, sad, introverted. Oh, no, wait, it also goes all angry drums again. Hurrah?
Lyrics: it's about a stalker. When I realised that just now, it went up a lot in my estimation for a few moments, because it made me think of MCR's 'Early Sunsets Over Monroeville' with the almost tongue-in-cheek-ness, but then I realised I still hate the sound.

15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore

Sound: is that another ukelele? I'm hearing them everywhere now. I like ukeleles.
Lyrics: self-explanatory title, bitter, sarcastic sort of take. Nice.

16. Be Alone

Sound: the melody is the overriding thing in this, and it's nice. The guitar is a bit annoying, kind of like white noise with the strange distortion.
Lyrics: I'm an introvert. Let's be introverts together. I like the idea, not sure of the way it's been handled.

17. Future

Sound: the last two or so minutes are needless and barely audible ( it's something I've contantly noticed while listening). There's also no need for all the talking and the super-long intro. Another sad, navel-gazing type. I had to wait -- by which I mean skip forward --  three minutes for anything more than just the occasional lyric and 'aah' noises, and when I did, I was bombarded by scary heavy metal stuff. I'm not quite sure where or why it came from. Scratch the thing about the last two minutes, pretty much all seven minutes are useless.
Lyrics: I don't know, something disjointed about the future and riding rollercoasters, I think.


I don't want anyone to hate me for all of what I just wrote because the fact is, I love Paramore. They're great. The fact is, whether the songs are perfect or not, I've been listening to this album non-stop for the past few days. So please don't chuck a shoe at me, I'm just trying to be unbiased.
 This album is almost like three albums stuck together (it's definitely long enough). You've got your cool, funky, tongue-in-cheek bits; you've got your heavy metal (which would be great if expected and if meant by the band themselves -- Haley Williams reblogged an article on Tumblr calling her a heavy metal goddess at a recent gig or something and she questioned 'heavy metal', which is worrying since the album is definitely heavy in parts); and then you've got your really depressing, introverted bits that Paramore have done well in the past but is unfortunately too prevalent in this album. It's a shame.
 But I love the funky bits.

I'm not gonna star this because I really have no clue how I would, so lets just say it's good as well as bad, and you'd be better buying the tracks you like than the full album.

Music fan out!

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