Friday 2 December 2011

It's about time I plugged the Vampire Academy series

As the title suggests, this post is all about the awesomeness that is Vampire Academy (and Bloodlines), though I can't fairly review any of them since it's been such a long time since I read the first one the first time, and I wouldn't want to write a review for something that I have found a love of due to other books in the series -- not to say that VA#1 isn't awesome -- or write a review for one of the newer ones and leave some of you awesome people out just because you're ignorant.
Just read them, and I will be your best friend forever. If you're into your paranormal-romance, but find Bella way too wimpy, then this is the series (serieses (?) including Bloodlines) for you.
Also... the Vampire Academy series has an awesome, happy ending -- but not too happy or cheesy or out of the realm of believability for those of you sick of Twilight.
This whole series gets five stars.
VA fan out!

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