Thursday 28 February 2013


 Yes. Editing. The bane of my life, the reason I now hate being a writer. I look at you people who detest the blank page, and I laugh. Ha! Your worries are trivial compared to those of us who have to chop our book up into pieces and reassemble it. Trivial.
 But seriously, if anyone wants to hop in with a few editing tips ('cut adverbs' is one I've seen recently [edit: just been doing that, and besides it being a good exercise, it's also made me realise how often I use qualifiers like 'actually', 'really', 'obviously', and it is driving me insane]) then I will hug you until you suffocate.
 Also, writing. I am sick of my lovely baby, the Saving Grace series. I wish it would a) curl up in a hole and die, or b) write itself because I am ruddy well getting nowhere with any of it. I might have to cut it down to just the one, already second-drafted, novel, and that would be suckish because the other characters have much more to give than the main wimps in that one. Plus, they fit in with what I'm editing, so that would make everything I've done basically obsolete, which would be a shame because I like the stuff what I'm editing (which makes it all the harder to edit, obv).
 Reading-wise, this is going to be a quiet, quiet blog for the next however long because thanks to this guy and what he wrote here, I thought I should maybe read Les Mis. It's nearly a thousand (gazillion) pages long, so I'm not gonna have anything to review for a while, methinks, especially as I am maybe forty pages in and the only people I have met are the bishop (the one Valjean tries to steal off of) and his sister and servant. I know. But on the bright side: the bishop is an extremely good person who, even through the medium of a book, is making me more and more Christian-feeling as I read along, so that must be a good thing (?); and it will probably open my mind or make me a better writer or something, which is always good.
 By the by, watch out for my post for the TCWT blog chain on Tuesday [Edit: FRIDAY YOU DINGBAT. I can't work out dates to save my life, let me tell you] (and nosy around everyone else's too, you evil lazy creature things). If it's not up, I've forgotten and you have the right to berate me.
 So. Back to editing, I suppose... because that's totes what I've actually been doing... gulp...

 Charlotte out!

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